Space cooling

The Buildheat project


Standardized approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on heating and cooling consumptions attenuation. BuildHeat aims to elaborate a set of reliable, energy efficient and affordable retrofit solutions for multifamily houses, which execution is facilitated by industrialised, modular and flexible HVAC, façade and ICT systems made available on the market.

The Buildsmart project


The purpose of Buildsmart is to demonstrate and mainstream cost-effective technologies and methods in the design of buildings with very low energy consumption in different European climates. The project also has a strong focus on energy-related behavioural issues, recognizing the role end-users play on energy use in buildings.

The Clear-up project


Clear-up is a European project bringing together technologists and the construction industry. It will drive change in construction with new tools and methods and will improve buildings for their occupants. Clear-up aims to reduce energy use in existing buildings using environmentally-sound components, creating sustainable solutions. Clear-up strives to deliver comfortable homes and workplaces to an affordable price.


The HYBUILD project


HYBUILD develops two innovative compact hybrid electrical/thermal storage systems for buildings: one for the Mediterranean climate primarily meant for cooling energy provision, and one for the Continental climate primarily meant for heating and DHW production. The impact is focused on enhancing energy savings, leading to reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fossil fuel utilization, and thus contributing to EU energy security and supply, and reach reliable and cost-effective solutions.

The InDeWaG Project

InDeWagInDeWaG will bring to industrial maturity a façade system based on radiant heating and cooling glass surfaces made from water flow glazing. Such building elements will be made ready for commercial application and will be designed to become easy adoptable for 21st century building technology, especially for cost effective nZEB technology with increased daylight use, variable ventilation and individual control comfort.

The nanoCOOL Project

nano-cool-logoThe nanoCOOL goal was to build on latest advancements in thermally conductive polymer nano-composites and liquid desiccants (halide solution as LiCl) to develop an innovative hybrid liquid desiccant cooling system in the range 50-200 kW which is able to be cost-effectively operated both in residential and commercial buildings, combining the advantages of liquid desiccants with a traditional central air conditioning system.

The SINFONIA Project


The SINFONIA project is a five-year initiative to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities. At the heart of the initiative is a unique cooperation between the cities of Bolzano and Innsbruck, working hand in hand to achieve 40 to 50% primary energy savings and increase the share of renewables by 20% in two pioneer districts. This will be done through an integrated set of measures combining the retrofitting of more than 100,000m² of living surface, optimisation of the electricity grid, and solutions for district heating and cooling.