Space cooling

The nanoCOOL Project

nano-cool-logoThe nanoCOOL goal was to build on latest advancements in thermally conductive polymer nano-composites and liquid desiccants (halide solution as LiCl) to develop an innovative hybrid liquid desiccant cooling system in the range 50-200 kW which is able to be cost-effectively operated both in residential and commercial buildings, combining the advantages of liquid desiccants with a traditional central air conditioning system.

The Clear-up project


Clear-up is a European project bringing together technologists and the construction industry. It will drive change in construction with new tools and methods and will improve buildings for their occupants. Clear-up aims to reduce energy use in existing buildings using environmentally-sound components, creating sustainable solutions. Clear-up strives to deliver comfortable homes and workplaces to an affordable price.


The SINFONIA Project


The SINFONIA project is a five-year initiative to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities. At the heart of the initiative is a unique cooperation between the cities of Bolzano and Innsbruck, working hand in hand to achieve 40 to 50% primary energy savings and increase the share of renewables by 20% in two pioneer districts. This will be done through an integrated set of measures combining the retrofitting of more than 100,000m² of living surface, optimisation of the electricity grid, and solutions for district heating and cooling.