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Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. 

At Danfoss Cooling, our mission is to keep people, products and the planet cool.

Take the food cold chain for example, where a minute difference in temperature can determine whether a truckload of meat will be sold or thrown into the trash. Our products ensure that temperatures remain precisely where they should be, while our digital solutions enable our customers to monitor the cold chain every step of the way.

We also have solutions that preserve our planet for generations to come. We are manufacturinge energy efficient and climate-friendly air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions that use natural refrigerants. Our products are found in many different buildings like hotels, airports, shopping malls, train stations and other buildings around the world.

With more than 10,000 components, including compressors, valves, sensors, pumps and heat exchangers, we’re helping our customers put energy efficiency first, as we are engineering tomorrow’s cool planet.

Discover Danfoss here.



HEAT GmbH – Habitat, Energy Application & Technology

HEAT is an independent consulting firm that operates in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, for International Environmental Convention Programmes and household and informal sectors in developing countries.

Our goal is the sustainable protection of the climate and the ozone layer. Together with technology partners and policy makers we develop innovative, climate friendly technologies in various areas regarding climatisation, refrigeration and heating and support standardization and law making processes.

Learn more about HEAT´s activities here.


Logo Purix 600x600pxPURIX is Solar and District Cooling systems based on natural refrigerants.

At PURIX, we believe cooling based on natural ingredients is an attractive and competitive response to the millions of cooling and air conditioning systems sold annually globally.
The essentials of our response for addressing climate change, resource efficiency and cost savings, is the use of water as natural refrigerant and low carbon energy sources such as solar heating or district heating, as main energy input for cooling and air conditioning.

At PURIX, we manufacture cooling systems powered by Nature and designed to match the largest market segments. Competitive and green cooling systems reaching out to the millions of end users is our mission and commitment to sustainability. Our range of Plug&Play Solar Cooling and district cooling system supports you in creating a green tomorrow already today, by cutting electricity consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate the use of potent refrigerant gases with high global warming potential.

Get inspired by visiting PURIX here.



Shecco is a global market accelerator helping companies bring their climate-friendly solutions faster to market.

In the heating, cooling and refrigeration sector, Shecco specialises in natural refrigerants – carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3), hydrocarbons (HC), water and air. They believe that innovation, sustainability and business success are intimately linked. Their tagline “Sustaining our Atmosphere” reflects this commitment, while their services and products are optimised to drive the reduction of potent greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances.

Shecco works with 150+ partners around the world seeking to advance the business case for Natural Refrigerants. Shecco’s business portfolio comprises Market Research (sheccoBase), Public Affairs, B2B Industry Platforms (R744.com, hydrocarbons21.com, ammonia21.com), News Magazines (Accelerate), Events Management (ATMOsphere), Grants and Funding.

Explore Shecco’s lastest developments here.