Cooling research & knowledge

Despite its importance and dimensions, research on cooling was not one of the main focus areas in most funding programmes. With exchange information sharing also being rather limited, the stakeholders represented in the coolingEU meetings decided to launch a website which would foster this exchange. Our aim is to collect as much cooling related research as possible.

This page covers EU-funded research projects as well as individual pieces, research with a regional focus as well as with a European or non-European focus, research on individual technologies but also on integrated systems, on consumption as well as on production.

One of the main obstacles when it comes to the cooling discussion is the lack of data. Cooling is in most cases not the primary activity or process but a supporting action or a secondary product hidden in the electricity bill. Accordingly, it is often difficult to identify the actual demand or to split energy carriers according to their use for cooling and other processes.

This lack of barrier does not just hide the topic and cloud its specificities, it also forms a barrier to further developments in the sector and its appropriate treatment in policies and planning.

This page aims to gather the latest advances in cooling research and knowledge:
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To know about EU funded projects about  Heat & cold recovery and cascading click here
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If you are interested in EU funded projects about Innovative and improved cooling methods click here

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If you are interested in EU funded projects about  Space Cooling click here

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To know more about EU funded project on District Cooling follow this link



If you would like to contribute to the development of coolingEU’s knowledge, do not hesitate to contact us.