Our work

CoolingEU is a forum that brings together stakeholders representing the European cooling demand and supply sectors to promote a more efficient and cleaner cooling supply, increase the number of dedicated research projects and rise awareness on the importance of cooling.

 Our mission:

coolingEU is made up of many diverse actors with different requirements and needs but they share the same goal: work for a more efficient and cleaner cooling. To achieve this objective, supporters of coolingEU agreed on the following common goals for the benefit of the whole sector:

  • Raise awareness among policy makers and interested parties by sharing and communicating the benefits of a more efficient and cleaner cooling supply.
  • Improve the knowledge about cooling by collecting and sharing data and project results and enhance the understanding about the sector and knowledge on different types of cooling.
  • Enable progress in research and innovation in the field of sustainable, smart, and efficient cooling by means of exchange and cooperation between the sector, policy makers and researchers, without compromising the confidentiality of proprietary information.
  • Improve the consideration of cooling in European energy policy and how the renewables share of cooling is integrated in that policy.

If you are interested in joining coolingEU or if you would like to have more information about our work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.