EPBD is a giant leap for the buildings of Europe

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The buildings where we live, sleep, work hold enormous potential in energy savings. We can unlock these opportunities hidden behind concrete, glass and steel – to create huge savings, jobs and better places to live. The revised EPBD is a significant step to unlock this potential.

A giant step on the way was be taken on July 9, 2018 when the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) entered into force. It will accelerate the cost-effective renovation of existing buildings with the vision of a decarbonized building stock by 2050 and the mobilization of investments. The revision also introduces new provisions to enhance smart technologies and technical building systems.

Member States will have to transpose its provisions into national law (by 10 March 2020). That means 20 months for Europe’s governments to be ambitious and seize the opportunity to unlock the potential of the three pillars of energy efficiency in buildings, especially the optimization of technical building systems (next to the envelope and the heating or cooling supply).