Stakeholder Roundtable on Cooling Report

On the 12th of April 2016,  25 delegates representing the whole value and cold chain including cold suppliers, producers and a variety of consumers from heavy industry to food refrigeration, came together to kick-start exchange between the broad variety of actors in the sector. The Stakeholder Rountable on Cooling Report collects the outcomes of that fruitful meeting.

Report’s Key messages:
  • Cooling accounts for a large share of EU energy demands.
  • As most cooling processes are driven by electricity, cooling remains a hidden giant.
  • Cooling concerns everyone, be it industrial production, buildings or the food sector.
  • Cooling demands are as diverse as heating demands – if not more diverse.
  • Any industry with high thermal needs, such as steel, non-ferrous metals or cement, has substantial cooling needs, too.
  • The cooling demand in the building sector will increase by 70% until 2030 – partly due to climate change.
  • Generally, cooling is needed in all climate zones in Europe and only differs by a factor of three.
  • Food storage, transport, processing and production demand substantial cooling loads.
  • Cooling demand from certain sectors can be another’s energy source.
  • A systemic approach could bring large efficiency improvements. A wide range of technologies is needed to serve the different cooling demands in a sustainable manner. There is no one-size fits- all solution.
  • There are many market-ready technologies to supply sustainable cold.
  • The biggest challenge is to raise awareness for the importance of cooling.


Please, click here: roundtable-on-cooling-report to access the full report.